Phillip Schofield Halts Live TV To Play With Little Boy: Internet Can’t Handle It

This is the moment where silver fox legend Phillip Schofield halted a live This Morning interview to play with a four-year-old hero. And the internet couldn't cope.

As if we needed any further proof that This Morning‘s Phillip Schofield is an champion amongst men.

This was the moment yesterday that our beloved Schofe interrupted a live This Morning interview to play with Jacob Onion, a little boy who heroically called 999 after his mum collapsed following an unknown illness at their family home.

Clearly very excited about his TV debut, four-year-old Jacob wanted to take a look at the boats passing outside the studio window while mum Gemma recounted his brave story. Cue *legend* Phillip Schofield, stepping in to entertain the little lad, leaving co-host Holly Willoughby to soldier on with the interview.

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And as you can imagine, the internet couldn’t handle the cuteness.

Another fan tweeted:

‘Phillip Schofield with the 4 year old boy on #ThisMorning has had me totally choked up. What a legend! Ultimate kid’s TV star.’

Oh but wait, it gets cuter.

Phillip Schofield Digger

After the boat-spotting on the River Thames, Phillip then presented Jacob with a prize for being so brave – a peddle toy digger. Literally, our ovaries can’t cope. And, emphasising his awesomeness even further, Scofe then stepped in when little Jacob needed a bit of a push to get his digger going.

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A collective wave of love then gushed across social media, praising the silver fox presenter and his ability to be just THE best bloke ever.

Bravo Phillip, and Jacob, we hope you’re enjoying that digger x