Why Phillip Schofield Won’t Watch This Morning’s Ruth And Eamonn

Yep. The This Morning host says there's 'not a chance' he'd tune in to see his and Holly Willoughby's summer stand-ins... But why?

Despite having presented This Morning for 14 years, Phillip Schofield recently revealed
he never tunes in when Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford take over for the summer. Say whaat?!

Phillip, along with co-host Holly Willoughby, usually present the morning chat show, but Eamonn and Ruth take the reins whilst the pair go on a well earned break.

However, in a recent interview the popular television star admitted he never catches
the show when he’s away, telling the Daily Star there’s ‘not a chance’ he’d watch This Morning on his time off.

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ruth eamonn this morning

Ruth and Eamonn had taken over the This Morning sofa over summer…

Crikey. Are Phil and Eamonn secretly feuding? Is there TV show beef there? Well, no… There’s actually a much more innocent explanation.

Phillip said: “”We’re on holiday so it’s nice to switch off. Plus, it almost feels like you’re eavesdropping on them.

“When Ruth and Eamonn are on the show, it’s completely their gig. They have their summer on the telly and we have our summer off of it.

Just…. er… riding on a Unicorn #holiday

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“Also, when we’re away as a family, we don’t watch much TV at all.”

Excited viewers welcomed chat show royalty Phillip and Holly back to the sofa this  morning, but it seems the dynamic duo just can’t get enough of each other, and even spent their six week break holidaying two streets away from each other in Portugal. Ah-mazing.

Poking fun at the infamous Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston photos that got everybody talking, the pair were pictured posing in the sea wearing ‘I heart H.W.’ and ‘I heart P.S.’ t-shirts, which Phillip later posted on Instagram with the hashtag #bestie.

#willofield ??

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Speaking about the bond the ‘besties’ share on-screen and off-screen, Holly also said in the interview: “Our brains work at the same speed and our humour  works at the same speed. I think you get into each other’s rhythm and that gets smoother with time, but you can also have that immediate friendship and a bond with someone.”

“I think really knowing how each other works professionally and personally grows on you over time.

“Phil is a brilliant friend and, more importantly, when it comes to parenting advice, he has been there, seen it and done it with his daughters, so he’s a constant and invaluable source of advice when it comes to bringing up my children.” Awww.

This Morning is back on tomorrow at 10:30am.