‘Petflix And Chill’ Has Films Narrated By David Tennant To Get Your Pets Through Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is like annual sensory armageddon for pets. It’s stressful for the owners and neighbours of these poor, frightening animals, too. MORE TH>N has found a way for pets and humans alike to avoid the stresses on Bonfire Night: it’s called Petflix and Chill.

The insurance company have created the world’s first films for animals that have been designed with the sole purpose of reducing anxieties caused by fireworks.

Both the films (one for dogs and one for cats) are narrated by Scottish dream-boat and previous Dr Who, David Tennant.

The movies are titled to tick both the marketing pun box and represent classic works. You can watch Woofering Heights and Peer Window on Youtube for free.

The 25 minute films might seem like ambient nonsense to us, the scenes of nature and intensely produced instrumentals are designed to be incredibly compelling for cats and dogs.

That being said, it’s nice being called a ‘Good Boy’ by David Tennant.

This films has been shot entirely in a dog’s colour spectrum of blues and yellows. The film should be played for your pets a few times before the eve of fireworks night to allow them to become familiar and associate the noises and sights with comfort.


Peer Window, the film for cats, is set entirely within a window frame to give cats a familiar setting. Our little kitties stare out of window for approximately five hours a day.

Scientific insight suggests that, unlike dogs, cats respond well to the sound of the human voice. Softly spoken people can even relax them like they can other people. Who better to narrate this film then than David Tennant?

This fireworks night, do your pets a favour and make them watch these movies across the day. If you’re heading out and leaving them alone, set the Petflix video up on a loop. Happy Guy Fawkes!