Pete’s Ex Has A Message For Megan McKenna, And She Won’t Like It

Jacqui Ryland has made some big claims about her ex Pete Wicks. And it's sure to add to the TOWIE couple's relationship drama...

Everyone has been waiting to hear from Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks since news broke of their almighty argument.

In case you missed it, Pete was a very naughty boy and had been sending some – well – pretty saucy messages to his ex behind his current girlfriend’s back. Not cool.

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But now, we’ve heard from the third person in the equation. And we’re not too sure that Megan is going to appreciate her two cents.

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Jacqui Ryland – yup, the girl that Pete had been talking to whilst holidaying with Megan in Barcelona – first came forward with the messages to reveal exactly what Pete had been up to. Now, after witnessing the fall out, she’s explaining the reason why she made that move.

The model revealed: ‘The public thought he was some kind of saint and he’s not at all. He’s played the public quite well. Clearly it’s something he’s always had in him because other girls have come forward to me and said, “A leopard never changes its spots. He did exactly the same thing to me.”‘

Oh dear.

She added: ‘When it comes to women, he can’t help himself.’

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Talking to New magazine, Jacqui later warned that she believes, ‘given the chance he probably would cheat on her [Megan].’

This is not looking good for the future of Pegan, is it?

What’s more, Pete’s ex also seems to be doubting his intentions with the relationship: ‘I don’t know if there was this initial attraction and [Pete] thought, “The public are loving this – let me do more with it.” I think from her point of view it was 100 per cent genuine, but from his, not so much.’

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Pete and Megan have been our #RelationshipGoals ever since he brought his new lady onto our screens. They’ve been super loved-up both on and off the screen, so we find it very hard to believe that none of this was genuine.

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Jacqui also branded Megan a ‘fame-obsessive’, after throwing a bit of shade at her reality TV resume.

We’re sure it won’t be long before the feisty TOWIE lady responds…