Why Peter Kay’s Strictly Come Dancing Appearance Caused Controversy

Why one joke made by Peter Kay on Strictly Come Dancing has caused a controversial divide with viewers.

Who doesn’t love a bit of funnyman Peter Kay? We know we sure as heck do.

And so, we were pretty thrilled by the comedian’s surprise appearance on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing


However, it would appear that Peter’s appearance has caused a slight outrage with some viewers- with many accusing the sketch of making a ‘homophobic’ joke.

Dressed in a Hi-Vis jacket and pretending to be a member of staff on location at the Blackpool ballroom, Peter aided Claudia Winkleman in reading the Strictly terms and conditions for the voting viewers at home.

However, during the sketch, Peter made a slightly tongue-in-cheek joke to Strictly contestant Judge Rinder.

After putting his arm around Judge Rinder, Peter said ‘Let me say hello to this fella, he’s fantastic this fella’.

Then, as Judge Rinder went to embrace Peter back, the comedian jumped away- before remarking, ‘Steady! Watch it my lad!’.

Peter then gestured towards his own body and said ‘this case is firmly closed!’- to which both the audience and Judge Rinder laughed.

Despite the joke seemingly being made in jest, many fans were upset by what they felt to be a ‘homophobic’ jibe.

One viewer shares, ‘Peter Kay there, wringing out dead catchphrases from 10 years ago and relying on casual homophobia for cheap laughs’.

Another shares, ‘Can someone tell #PeterKay that 1970’s homophobic humour is NOT acceptable on TV anymore!’.

Despite the outrage, the official Strictly Come Dancing twitter page has taken to social media to share that the skit was nothing more than Peter Kay ‘bringing chaos to our terms and conditions’.

Many viewers have come out in defence for Peter’s appearance, with one user sharing ‘I’m gay and thorougly unoffended by Peter Kay on Strictly. If you consider him to have been homophobic; you haven’t experienced homophobia’.

Another remarked that Judge Rinder himself had appeared to see the funny side of the joke.

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Alice Perry