Peter Andre Gets Involved In A Debate About Weighing Children

The 43-year-old says he gets 'concerned' when his kids don't eat a lot...

Peter Andre sparked quite the parenting debate on Loose Women earlier today.

The 43-year-old – who’s dad to kids Junior, 11, Princess, 9, and two-year-old Amelia – got people talking by revealing that he weighs his children.

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peter Andre weighing children

But this isn’t because he’s worried about them getting chubby. Instead, he explained: ‘I weigh them because I want them to put on weight.

‘When I see if my kids aren’t eating a lot, I get concerned and I’ll keep trying to feed them and feed them, I think it’s a bit of a Greek thing anyway.

‘I don’t weigh them all the time, but I do weigh them sometimes.’

Peter Andre kids

Peter Andre has three children

Pete continued by telling the panel that he doesn’t ‘actually know if he’s right or wrong,’ and that he’d never tell his kids that he thinks about their weight.

He said: ‘I say: “Hey, how cool’s this? Let’s see if you can get on the roller-coaster ride. How much do you weigh, how tall are you?”

‘It’s my way of trying to boost them up to get the weight on.’

peter Andre weighing children

Pete admitted that his concerns are fuelled by society’s focus on body image, saying: ‘You hear things all the time. Kids say things to other kids at school.

‘I’ve heard stories about one of my daughter’s friends at school, who thought she was overweight when she was actually very thin.’

He also said he doesn’t want his offspring to become as ‘obsessive’ about their bodies as he was in his Mysterious Girl days.

Peter Andre is expecting his fourth child with wife Emily MacDonagh

Peter Andre is expecting his fourth child with wife Emily MacDonagh

However, not everyone agreed with his method. Fellow guest Ferne McCann chipped in: ‘I’m not a parent but I probably wouldn’t weigh my children, because in this day and age it is so much about body image.

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‘I’m not necessarily saying what you’re doing is wrong, but if you drill that into them on the scales, they might be more focused on that in later life.’

peter andre weighing children

Ferne McCann disagreed with Peter Andre

Viewers also had mixed opinions, with one Tweeting: ‘Peter Andre shame on you weighing your kids… Way to make them body conscious you BERK.’

Another wrote: ‘Children are weighed on scales at primary school and from birth. What’s the difference? And yes I regularly weigh my 9 year old.’

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