Peter Andre Speaks Out On The Smacking Debate

Every parent, celebrity or otherwise, will have a different take on how to bring up and discipline their child.

Peter Andre has recently announced some exciting baby news with wife Emily MacDonagh, and now he’s taken the opportunity to speak out about a very controversial and topical parenting debate – smacking.

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The topic made headlines again after a team of experts argued before the United Nations committee that physical punishment should be made illegal in the UK. But Peter Andre doesn’t agree.

Penning his argument in his latest New column, the singer said, ‘As a child, I got smacked when I did something wrong and it never did my brothers or I any harm.’

He continued, ‘Of course no parent should physically harm their child, but I don’t see anything wrong with a smack on the hand or the bum to discipline them.’

Having said that, the soon-to-be father-of-four made it clear that he’s ‘never ever’ smacked his own children. Interesting.


Instead, Peter explains, ‘We use the naughty step for Mills [age 2] and it really works.

‘When she does something wrong she will say, “Millie sorry”, then go on it and say what she’s sorry for.’

Speaking about his older daughter, Princess, Andre wrote, ‘When Bista was about six, she went through a naughty stage.

‘To discipline her, I’d send her to her room and take all the toys away. She knew I was very serious, so wouldn’t act up.’

A new survey has revealed that 61% of parents believe in smacking their kids, but only 35% admitted to actually getting physical with them.

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