Peter Andre Supports Wife Emily As She Opens Up About Body Confidence

Emily has spoken out about how she feels about her figure...

Emily Andrea – originally Emily MacDonagh before she took husband Peter Andre’s real surname ‘Andrea’ – has spoken out about how she deals with body confidence issues, and confessed that even she has her insecurities.

Chatting to OK! magazine, Emily admitted: It’s different on different days… Some days you wake up and you feel great and other days not so much.’

Having given birth to her second child Theo, Emily – who is returning to her work as a nurse – went on to discuss how she feels in her figure now she’s a mum of two.

Emily MacDonagh and Peter Andre

‘But given that I’ve had two kids I do feel comfortable,’ she revealed. ‘I don’t feel the need to flaunt it to everyone, though. I think less is more – especially with my job, it’s not appropriate.’

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However, it seems even the 28-year-old brunette beauty still has areas of herself she’s not a huge fan of…

‘I’m aware of the areas that are not so good, but when I exercise I put on muscle quite quickly and I don’t like that,’ she confessed. ‘Obviously, out of clothes I have my wobbly bits and I’m not very toned.’

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But it looks like doting husband Peter thinks very differently, as he was quick to gush about how gorgeous his wife is… And we don’t blame him!

‘To me there’s nothing more beautiful than someone who is comfortable in their own skin,’ Peter told the publication. ‘I really respect Emily because she has an insane body. She has a full set of abs, but she never flaunts it and I love that about her.’

How CUTE are these two!? And we have to agree… Emily is looking seriously amazing.