Pete Wicks Comes Face To Face With Megan’s Parents In Tonight’s TOWIE

Pete will be seen trying to explain himself to Megan McKenna's mum and dad, following her heartbreak...

We’ve already heard the warning from Megan McKenna’s sister Milly, when she told Pete Wicks that he should be glad that her dad wasn’t there when he came knocking at her door.


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Then, towards the end of Sunday night’s episode of The Only Way Is Essex, we saw Megan’s dad pull up in his car to pick her up from the cast’s charity ball. And he did not look best pleased with Pete, as he stood sheepishly on the pavement.

Megan McKenna TOWIE

We heard the tattooed 27-year-old asking Meg whether he should say something to her dad, but she very clearly told him that it wasn’t the best time. Go figure.

Pete is, understandably, in the dog house right now, having been caught texting a number of girls behind Megan’s back. What’s more, some particularly saucy messages surfaced on the internet between himself and his former flame, Jacqui Ryland.

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Of course, Megan has been left utterly heartbroken, and has been taking some time away from her man to clear her head and decide if she can forgive him.

In tonight’s instalment of TOWIE, we’ll see Pete – who seems to be back in his flat cap, which means that he must be in a bad way – attempting to gain forgiveness from Megan’s mum and dad.

Megan has previously revealed: ‘My family are so upset. They thought he was perfect for me. My dad is so upset he can’t believe it, because they’re really close.’

Pete Wicks Megan's Dad

Megan’s dad does NOT look very happy with Pete…

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Pete has made no secret of the fact that he’s dedicated to winning the 24-year-old back, telling everyone how much of a mistake he’s made.

But will Dave and Tanya be open to hearing him out? Megan is very close to her family, after all.

We’ll be tuning in to ITVBe tonight to find out.