The Weird Thing Pete Wicks Did To Megan McKenna After Last Night’s TOWIE

As viewers sympathised for Megan McKenna after *those* emotional scenes with Pete Wicks, Pete then went and liked one of Megan's tweets...

Last night’s TOWIE was always going to be an emotional one, as it showed Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks enjoying a romantic holiday before #sextinggate.

In last night’s episode of The Only Way Is Marbs, we saw the former couple enjoying a very romantic birthday celebration for Megan.

Pete declared his love for Megan before presenting her with a swish Rolex, as well as a huge bouquet of flowers.

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megan pete

His card read: ‘Megan, this may be your first birthday with me but hopefully not the last. I know I have my faults but you accept them, and I am grateful for that.

‘I have so much admiration for you and everything you have achieved. You are the best girlfriend a geezer could ask for. Happy birthday, I love you’.


Obviously, in the wake of the revelation that Pete had actually been secretly sexting his ex during that exact holiday, TOWIE viewers simply could not handle the emotional scenes.

‘The fact that Pete can sit n say all that to megan when he knows hes been textin his ex behind her back just shows how sly people are #TOWIM’, one fan tweeted.

‘This must be so hard for @Megan_Mckenna_ to watch ???? why Pete why ? #TOWIE’, another sympathised.

Whilst a third wrote ‘Watching Pete shower Megan with presents knowing he was sexting his ex during all this is absolutely disgusting ?? #TOWIM’.

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megan pete

Wednesday’s episode will see the showdown between Megan and Pete…

Both Pete and Megan kept a dignified silence during the episode – but then something strange happened.

When Megan tweeted about reaching 350k views on Snapchat, Pete only went and liked her tweet.

Considering these two are meant to be at loggerheads right now, it’s a strange move from Wicks – either he’s still grovelling and trying to show support as much as he can, or the couple are actually secretly on good terms.

pete megan

Pete liked one of Megan’s tweets after last night’s show…

It’s no secret that TOWIE producers have been known to tweak a storyline or two here and there, and there have been whispers that the whole Pete and Megan dramz has simply been to boost the show’s storyline for the new series…

Still, we guess only Pete and Megan know the answer to that one.