Why They Had To Apologise For This I’m A Celeb Extra Camp Episode

The producers of I'm A Celebrity have had to apologise for Pete Wicks' behaviour after he took a guest spot on the show...

We hear there are a couple of golden rules to the art of live TV.

And what could these be? Well, definitely don’t wear anything capable of a wardrobe malfunction and definitely don’t drop any F-bombs.

Simples, right?!

And, whilst TOWIE’s Pete Wicks did manage to keep all his bits inside his outfit, his recent Extra Camp appearance definitely didn’t stick to the second rule.


@heralondon_ are killing it at the minute. These are the black non-ripped pair…sick fit 👊🏼👌🏼

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May we just add- the fella is known as Pete the Pirate. Surely a little blue language comes with the description?!

So anyway- whilst chatting to Extra Camp present Joe Swash via video link during last night’s episode, Pete shared that he felt ‘this series has been quite positive so far- they’re all getting on too well I think’.

He then expanded, ‘You need a bit of… yeah someone needs to f***ing… throw in some sh*t, you know what I mean?’.

Yup- a double whammy. Jeez Pete, tell us how you really feel!


After a round of gasps from the live audience, Joe Swash managed to quickly smooth over Pete’s blue tongue- replying ‘He only chucked an F-bomb in there, didn’t he? I have to apologise for that, Pete’.

It wasn’t long before the conversation turned back to other matters, however, as Joe managed to squeeze a saucy joke in before Pete’s segment ended.

Noticing that Pete’s camera was wobbling slightly, cheeky chappy Joe remarked- ‘Are you doing something else while you’re holding that camera?’.

Honestly, you two!

I never thought I'd be lucky enough to meet somebody so beautiful. Inside and out. And she's all mine.

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I’m a Celebrity‘s side show has been the subject of a fair bit of controversy this year, with some viewers having taken to social media to criticise the hosts.

In fact, during the first episode of the revamped side show, new host Vicky Pattison made an accidental on-screen blunder- mistaking the show for The Xtra Factor!

During a interview via video link, Vic asked a viewer- ‘Do you love the new Xtra Factor… Extra Camp?!’.

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In all fairness, Extra Camp and Xtra Factor are very similar names. And hey, we’re sure we would do a lot worse whilst under the pressure of live TV!

Alice Perry