Pete Wicks May Be About To Go Through A Dramatic Transformation

The TOWIE star is thinking about chopping his long locks...

We might soon be seeing a whole different Pete Wicks on TOWIE.

The 28-year-old reality star is known for his shoulder-skimming locks, but he’s hinted that he’s thinking of chopping it all off. Say whaaa?!

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Fresh trim…✂️✂️

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Pete tells Reveal: ‘I used to have a skinhead, and with the tats, it was a Wentworth Miller from Prison Break vibe. Then everyone told me I was going bald, so I started growing my hair to prove a point, but I just got carried away with it!

‘I’m 30 in 18 months, and maybe then I should shave it off. I’m starting to go grey and I don’t want to look like the Gandalf of Essex.’

LOLz. Well, it would certainly give him a USP…

TOWIE's Pete Wicks Looks Totally Different Without His Signature Locks In This Throwback Snap, 2016

Pete Wicks used to look VERY different…

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But shockingly, we might not even have Pete on our screens when he turns 30. It’s been reported that he’s thinking of quitting the programme, after a tumultuous series with ex-girlfriend Megan McKenna.

A source tells The Sun: ‘Pete is looking forward to this series coming to an end – it’s been a stressful few weeks and the situation with Megan is beginning to take its toll.

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

It hasn’t been the easiest series of TOWIE for Pete Wicks and his ex-girlfriend Megan McKenna

‘He loves being a part of the show but hasn’t enjoyed watching his break-up play out in front of the nation – not to mention the constant arguments that followed and subsequent fall-outs with pals.

‘Sometimes he’s wondered whether it’s all worth it and is currently at odds whether or not to return. But with a long break coming up, he hopes he’ll be able to take stock, repair those damaged relationships and return a happier, more positive man.’

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see…