Did Perrie Edwards Film A Snapchat About Zayn Malik?

Perrie Edwards has done nothing to dampen those rumours about her and Zayn Malik. Because, did you see her Snapchat last night?

The exes are said to be back in touch after a source told LOOK that Perrie had unblocked Zayn’s number, and the pair were now texting again. Ooh.

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‘Perrie unblocked Zayn’s number recently and the pair have been texting again’, the insider said. ‘He’s on a mission to try at least win back her friendship. They’ve only texted so far but he’s really like them to meet in person.;

And no, the 22-year-old appeared to give a shout out to her singer ex via a series of Snapchat stories sent out last nght.


In one, we saw Perrie using the rugged pirate filter and sporting some seriously familiar facial hair (Malik? Is that you?), whilst throwing out a cryptic One Direction reference.

‘Story of my life. Being pied! He’s playing hard to get!’ she laughed at the camera whilst quoting 1D lyrics. Ooh. WHAT could you be talking about there, Pezza?

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The Little Mix singer then continued on with a series of LOL filters, until she finally admitted that perhaps she’d gone a little cray cray.

‘I’m ok to admit that I’m losing my mind’, she said to her fans.

We love you, Pez. Keep the hilarity coming.