Was Perrie Edwards Just Called Out For Not Shaving?

Perrie Edwards has always been a trendsetter amongst her fans. So you’d think that a snap of a pair of her oldest (and most loved) would go down pretty well on Instagram, no? Well, think again.

The 22-year-old Little Mix singer posted a photo of a tan moccasin-style lace-up booties with beaded embroidery on the toe last night. Perrie also shared them on Snapchat, explaining that she’s had them for ‘nine years’.

And as always, the comments quickly poured in. Some liked the boots, some didn’t. But the main concern was that many were accusing Perrie of cultural appropriation. 

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‘I love them, and I love you, but I’m kinda having mixed feelings about this, moccasins are apart of a traditional Native American regalia and something like that is earned, not just given to you. They aren’t just some other piece of clothing’, one user commented.

However, whilst one side slammed the singer for being ‘disrespectful’, the other side argued back that this PC culture has gone a little too far.

‘What’s annoying is how someone isn’t aloud [sic] to wear something that comes from another culture’, one user wrote. ‘Stop screaming culture appropriation. How about she’s just appreciating the fashion from another culture. People always try and make it seem like this is disrespectful/culture appropriation. When im pretty sure she’s just wearing them because she likes them.’


And the arguing didn’t stop there.

Perrie’s beauty regime was then taken into consideration, as (wait for it)… She had a teeny bit of stubble on her legs. We mean…

‘I can see your leg stubble’, one person commented, with plenty of others jumping on the “why hasn’t Perrie shaved?” bandwagon. 

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However, plenty of young women could totally relate to Edwards being a little lax on her shaving routine. Because seriously, WHO CARES?

‘Some girls don’t mind not shaving their legs if they don’t have to. I shave mine if I know my legs are going to be showing. A woman shouldn’t be judged if her legs are shaved or not’, one user argued.

Jeez. We feel for Perrie –  who would have thought that a simple booties snap would result in so much drama?!