Perrie Edwards’ Instagram Video Causes An Argument

There’s no denying that Perrie Edwards is looking TOTALLY smokin’ right now.

And the Little Mix singer proved just that when she posted a video of herself to Instagram yesterday.

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Perrie Edwards was working a leather ensemble in the vid


The clip saw Pezza working a leather ensemble, which featured high-waisted pants, a cut-out crop top and bondage-style arm embellishments.

Her blonde locks had been teased into a tousled down ‘do, while she’d been made up with dark lipstick and smoky eyes. Miaow, lady.


But it wasn’t just her outfit that got people talking. The vid showed Perrie dancing sexily as she stood underneath a heavy shower of fake rain.

As expected, fans had quite a strong reaction to the upload.

Plenty noted how flippin’ incredible she looked, with messages including: ‘Absolutely hands down perfection #slaygirl #queen,’ and: ‘God she’s so gorgeous.’


But unfortunately for Pez, not everything in the comments section was quite so positive. In fact, a bit of an argument started brewing.

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For some reason, after seeing a 30-second clip of a 22-year-old woman having a dance, some thought it was acceptable to label her ‘slutty’. Um.

We’re pretty sure Perrie Edwards wasn’t expecting such a strong reaction to her post


We’re all for women being empowered, and it certainly looked as though Perrie was feeling confident in the clip. So it’s safe to say we were NOT on board with this train of thought.

As one fan wrote: ‘Shes beautiful and confident. would you like if someone called you a slut for your outfit? [sic].’

Another said: ‘Round of applause for tearing another woman down, making it acceptable for men to do the same to us.’

Not everyone was pleased when Zayn Malik was mentioned in the comments…


Others seemed angry that Perrie’s ex-fiancé Zayn Malik’s name had been mentioned more than once among followers.

There were a number of messages similar to: ‘@zayn is missing this !!!!’ as well as some comparing her to his current girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Zayn Malik’s current girlfriend Gigi Hadid was also spoken about


One Mixer made it plain by responding with: ‘Theyve moved on so let them be.’

Crikey. Let’s hope Perrie’s let this all go over her head…