Perrie Edwards Has Spoken Out About A Special Man In Her Life

We mean her dad Alexander, of course! He was labelled a 'DILF' last month, and she thinks it's 'so funny'...

We know we really shouldn’t say this, but there’s something about a hot dad.

And so, without the need for any further introduction, we give you… Mr Perrie Edwards.

Dads here… Birthday shindig Round two ????

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Yup. A hot dad like no other – and we’re not the only ones who think so.

If you cast your minds back to Pez’s birthday in July, you’ll remember that Little Mix fans all over the land went crazy over a photo of her and papa Alexander celebrating.

If we were Perrie, we’d probably find ourselves getting a teeny bit annoyed about the attention Alex was getting. Because, y’know, the day was supposed to be all about her.

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But then again, we’re not as cool as the 23-year-old, who says that it was nothing shy of being ‘absolutely hilarious’.

Dad = legend!

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Speaking to Sugarscape, Perrie remembers the moment her father reached true DILF status.

She says: ‘I posted the picture, right, just me and my dad casually hanging out at my birthday. The next thing you know, Twitter and Instagram are blowing up as I’m on my way to work the next day.’

And she wasn’t wrong…

She continues: ‘I messaged my dad when I saw loads of comments, and just as I was reading them the guy on the radio was like: “We’re gonna tell you about what’s hot right now, but all we wanna talk about is how hot Perrie’s dad is.”

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‘My dad’s on the radio for being a DILF. I can’t. He loved it, he was like: “I’m doing alreet for being nearly sixty, like.” My dad’s very laidback and quite shy, so for him to get that much attention is so funny.’

And Alexander doesn’t actually just look like a rock star. It turns out, being musical is part of the Edwards blood line. In fact, he’s been part of rock band Alexander’s Palace since 1995.

Coolest celeb dad award? We think you’ve got this one in the bag, Alex…

Alice Perry