Perrie Edwards And Zayn Malik Start Their New Family

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik have introduced the world to the newest member of their young family, as they snapped a cute selfie together this weekend.

Reunited after One Direction’s mammoth Take Me Home world tour finally came to an end, the popstar lovebirds didn’t waste much time in introducing us to their new pet, Prada. And the award for fluffiest celeb pet, ever, goes to…

Zayn and Perrie look totally smitten with their cute grey and white kitten, as they welcomed the first addition to their new family after getting engaged in August.

Introducing Prada to fans on Twitter, they captioned the joint snap: ‘Say hello to the new member of the family, Prada.’

The Little Mix babe also beat us to the inevitably Despicable Me quote, posting her own ‘so fluffy I’m gunna die’ moment to Vine. It had to be done.

Zayn and Perrie have been keeping everyone guessing as to plans of their upcoming wedding, with Perrie revealing that her Little Mix bandmates will be bridesmaids.

‘I actually wanted to have quite a small wedding, but then all the girls in my family are desperate to come and would like to be bridesmaids too,’ she told The Sun.

Adding: ‘I realise my wedding is every journalist’s dream. It’s going to be like the movie 27 Dresses where the bride has like a billion bridesmaids.

‘I don’t want to be engaged for 50 years. We’ll get there soon.’

Welcome to the family, Prada!

By Jessica Bridgeman

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