So Why Are People Turning Against Love Island’s Jonny?!

Jonny and Camilla have become a fan favourite. But not all of their fellow islanders are convinced...

Is the honeymoon over for Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow?

Not long after the pair – who previously broke things off following a disagreement on feminism – decided to rekindle their romance, fans have been left wondering (once again) whether they have a future.

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If you tuned in for Monday night’s episode, you’ll already know that a number of the islanders seem to be turning against Jonny. Having previously been dubbed a nice guy by those in the villa, it came as a bit of a shock to hear the likes of Dom and Chris criticising him.

It all seemed to stem from the pace of his relationship with Camilla. We all know that Cam’ isn’t your typical islander, having made it clear that she wants to take things super slow – something that Jonny seems to have taken on board.

Whilst we think he’s shown himself to be pretty respectful of her space, many of his pals seem to be taking the couple’s distance as a sign that they might not be genuine.

In the beach hut, Jonny admitted: ‘It’s been a bit funny with Cam the last few days, ever since the re-coupling.

‘I felt things were good, we were on a good track. We said we were going to move at a real world pace and this isn’t a real world pace, this is just solid, stand still…

‘During the day I feel like I’m trying to talk and it’s almost like she doesn’t want to, it’s just the vibe I get… I’m not asking for miracles here I’m just asking for her to let me know where I stand.’

The other lads seem to have a completely different take on the situation.

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Chris believed that Jonny was showing himself to be ‘fake’, telling Olivia: ‘He’s so fake. If he was into Camilla one bit you’d see him kiss her, you’d see him at least touch her in the day. They have no interaction.’

Speaking in the beach hut, Dom added: ‘Since the public vote, Jonny’s attitude has changed. I think it’s because he realised that the public do actually like Camilla and it’s took him two weeks and a bit to really come out of his shell and I think he’s done that because he’s got to keep Camilla on side.

‘If you look at the other couples in the villa or past examples like me and Jess we’d kiss through the day, Olivia and Chris they kiss through the day, Amber and Kem they kiss through the day. Jonny does not pay Camilla any attention, zilch, nothing. They don’t even sit together so I think Jonny is playing a really big game.’

Jonny and Camilla have been getting to know each other…


Viewers seemed to have a mixed response to this opinion.

A few agreed, with reactions including: ‘I’m actually sick of Jonny and Camilla. Used to really like them but now they just f*** me off. #loveisland’, ‘Jonny is being abit of a d*** tonight, sort it out mate #LoveIsland’ and ‘Jonny & Camilla are v annoying, it was cute at first but they’re like 30 and cant even speak to eachother properly! #LoveIsland’ [sic].

Others, however, jumped to defend #Jamilla.

Taking to social media, fans wrote: ‘I think it’s gross how much they’re slagging off Jonny he’s been nothing but nice and they’re being horrible #loveisland’ and ‘Still here for Jonny and Camilla. They aren’t rushing things. It seems more natural. The others may be a bit jealous, methinks #LoveIsland’.

Others tweeted: ‘Bruh these people better not play with Jonny and Camila 🙄 They are so cute leave them alone, you jealous people #loveisland’ and ‘Jonny & Camilla get hated on 🤔 please! The rest are all game players which is why they want them out! #loveisland’.

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