People Are Furious To Discover This Secret iPhone Feature

Ngl, we are pretty shocked by this...

So we’re really not sure how we didn’t all know about this, but a secret iPhone feature has recently been discovered and people are shocked – to put it lightly.

It looks like our iPhones are slyly keeping track of any and all saucy underwear snaps. HOW CREEPY?

All you have to do is open up your photos and click on the tiny little search symbol. Weird we’ve never noticed that before…

So if you type in ‘bra’ or ‘brassiere’ into the search bar, your iPhone will immediately show you all the pictures on your device (EVEN DELETED ONES) of you or anyone else in underwear.

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and Kanye West out and about, Paris, France - 29 Sep 2016

Imagine searching it on your partner’s phone and finding something you didn’t expect… Scary stuff.

So it’s no real surprise that people have gone into absolute meltdown since the discovery was made…

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‘Guys wtf this is so scary ???? apple genuinely save photos of you in a bra/strapped top under ‘brassiere’????????? [sic]’ one frightened Twitter user shared.

Another admitted to being freaked out by the whole thing: ‘Typing brassiere into your photo album search bar and seeing what photos apple have saved in that file freaks me out a bit.’

Other sent out warnings to their female followers, sharing ‘ATTENTION ALL GIRLS ALL GIRLS!!! Go to your photos and type in the ‘Brassiere’ why are apple saving these and made it a folder!!?!! [sic]’and ‘GIRLS – go to your pictures on your iPhone and type ‘Bra’ in the search. Apple has kindly made a folder incase you need a t*t pic. [sic]’

By now we should probably know exactly what our phones are doing, considering we’re glued to them most of the time…

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