Are People Naming Their Children After Steven Avery?

Nameberry’s baby name predictions for 2016 are in, and some might surprise you.

Nameberry is the online baby name database that is the authority on this topic. And its highly anticipated name prediction lists set the precedent for the year to come.

The biggest trend when it comes to this year’s name list is parents opting for unisex names. Traditional male monikers such as Riley and Rowan both make the top 10 for girls name predictions. Whereas non-gender specific names such as Charlie made the boys list.

Kim and North Kardashian The name North didn’t make the list


Astrid, a popular Swedish name, tops the girls chart after seeing a 101% online increase. Meanwhile parents seem to be reverting to more traditional names when it comes to choosing what they call their baby boys. Old English name James tops the boys chart after seeing a 72% increase.

However, the most shocking prediction from baby name experts is an addition to the girls list. Coming in at number six is a reference to a rather famous man from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. We are of course talking about Steven Avery – the star of everyone’s latest Netflix obsession, Making A Murderer.

Steven Avery Steven Avery is still locked up


According to Nameberry the gender-neutral name has been around for decades but has recently gained popularity as a girls name and alternative to Ava. However we reckon that its jump to number six in the charts must have something to do with wide spread obsession with the crime documentary series. Madness.

Would you call your child after the suspected criminal?

Check out the full list name prediction lists below:

Top 10 Girls Names

1. Astrid

2. Thea

3. Sadie

4. Riley

5. Elise

6. Avery

7. Rowan

8. Elsie

9. Finley

10. Jade

Top 10 Boys Names

1. James

2. Elijah

3. Jayden

4. Elliot

5. Logan

6. Charlie

7. Jude

8.  Elias

9. Isaiah

10. Arlo