PawsLikeMe: The Pet Matchmaking App That You’re Going To Love

Over Tinder? Instead of worrying about the risk of getting matched with someone who – doesn’t look anything like his pictures, arrives late and is definitely a complete weirdo – there’s a new matchmaking app that is a lot more reliable and a hell of a lot cuter.

Enter PawsLikeMe – which matches your with your perfect partner…a dog. 

Yep, this cool new app will match you to your dream canine companion. Forget finding Mr Right, if you’ve got a friend for life, who needs a guy anyway?

PawsLikeMe is a free app that matches people to adoptable dogs depending on your personality and lifestyle just by asking four simple questions based on your traits: energy, focus, confidence and independence. So if you’re a green juice chugging, running gym bunny or the type of person who just likes to chill on the sofa watching re-runs of Friends, PawsLikeMe uses an algorithm method (which is 90% more accurate) to pair you with your dream dog that will happily do all these things with you.

PawsLikeMe Puppy Love


With a world full of dogs wanting to be adopted, this app makes the struggles of pet re-homing way more personal and tailored to what you want from your doggy friend. Plus, when people ask, “Where did you get your dog?” think how fun it will be to reply, “We met on the internet.”

So while your friends’ sobbing down the phone over a recent Tinder disaster, you can just sit there smugly and smile knowing that you have someone who loves you back unconditionally forever.

Single dogs looking for lifelong friend? Signing up now! 

By Jessica Cooper