GBBO Contestant Goes On Epic Rant About Paul Hollywood’s On-Set Behaviour

Former Great British Bake Off contestant Ruby Tandoh calls Paul Hollywood a 'peacocking manchild'....

Great British Bake Off runner up Ruby Tandoh has gone IN on Paul Hollywood, and prepare yourself, because it is not pretty…

Bake Off veteran Paul is known for dishing out harsh remarks when it comes to soggy bottoms and dry genoises’, but the GBBO judge has recently been served a rather large helping of criticism himself.

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Yep, sharp-tongued Paul has been hit by a wave of angry BBC fans after he announced he’ll be making the big move to Channel 4, WITHOUT his partner in crime and the queen of baking, Mary Berry.


Loyal Beeb fans had a fair few things to say about Paul’s decision to move to the other side but the prize for the harshest digs HAS to go to former runner-up on the show, Ruby Tandoh.


Ruby came third back in the 2014 series of the show, but she’s now taken to Twitter to let the nation know exactly what she thinks of her former judge – even turning her Tweets into a homage to a classic piece of literature…


The rant begins with the fiery lady comparing Paul to a ‘peacocking manchild’:


And it didn’t get any better, as she went on to talk about Paul’s notorious golden ‘glow’:

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Calling him a “mythic beast”, Ruby was not done there:

But don’t worry Bake Off fans, she did it for us!

Viewers of the much-loved show have been dealt one Bake Off blow after another since it was announced the tent was on it’s way to Channel 4. First we had to deal with the fact our favourite presenting duo, Mel and Sue, weren’t going to be back and then it was Mary Berry’s turn to break the nation’s hearts.

With literally everyone talking about the GBBO drama, unsurprisingly followers were quick to react to Ruby’s rant, with most of them finding the whole thing pretty hilarious.

Wow. Deep breath everyone, we have a feeling there’s going to be plenty more Bake Off drama to come. Eeek.

By Naomi Bartram