EastEnders’ Death Scene Gets A Big Reaction On Twitter

So EastEnders was an emotional one last night.

We saw Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) find out that Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) had been killed in a fight, leaving them weeping in hospital.

But when they went to view the body, they were shocked to see it was actually Ben’s boyfriend Paul Coker lying on the mortuary slab. That’s definitely a doof-doof moment, eh?



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Now actor Jonny Labey has spoken out about Paul’s fate, telling Metro: ‘When I heard all the details I was shocked at first as it was my exit storyline. But the storyline is beautifully written and the build up to it is great.

‘So much happens with Jenny coming into the scene and Paul and Ben taking over the business, it’s all looking very hopeful. The way it’s all been written is great.

> Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale had been led to believe it was Ben who’d died


‘I was told about all of these things happening and saw that it all happened over a few episodes; it’s incredible to have a week dedicated to your character.

‘A lot of the really emotional stuff happens after I leave and all of my last scenes are very happy.

‘It was quite strange because Lin and Roger [who play his grandparents Pam and Les] were filming a lot of the reactive parts and then coming back to film all the upbeat stuff with me. It was quite odd! But watching Lin and Roger do their scenes was really hard.’



Of course, viewers were hooked on the action.

Tweets included: ‘Eastenders was amazing #eastenders’ and: ‘@AdamWoodyatt & Steve McFadden are brilliant when the writers bring them together for gripping scenes. Amazing work as always. #EastEnders [sic].’

However, others were devastated that Paul had been killed off. One wrote: ‘Genuinely still have a lump in my throat. Absolutely gutted Paul has gone.’

> Jonny Labey has spoken about his exit scenes


And that wasn’t the only complaint for the BBC soap. Not everyone was entirely surprised by the case of mistaken identity.

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Messages on Twitter read: ‘I knew straight away it was Paul who died,’ and: ‘So it’s Paul that’s dead not Ben, what a shock that is, NOT !!!! Try harder to surprise us next time #Eastenders this was so obvious !!’

> Paul Coker says it was ‘hard’ seeing his on-screen grandparents act out their heartbreak


As well as this, some were upset that it was a gay character who’d been axed.

One said: ‘A gay character is never allowed to be happy or stay alive in soap land,’ while another noted: ‘Eastenders. It was such a big deal for a show popular among mostly older generations to have an openly gay couple. Now he’s dead.’

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