5 Times Paris Jackson Proved She’s A Style Icon In The Making At The Grammys

If there's one thing we took away from the 2017 Grammys (apart from Beyonce and Adele's major love-in) it's that Paris Jackson's absolutely on the fast track to becoming a fully fledged fashion fave.

Yes, it might be a little early given that’s she’s just 18. But Paris Jackson is achingly cool already, and following on from her red carpet moment in Balmain’s glistening rainbow-hue jumpsuit at the Grammys, here are 5 reasons she’s set for great things…

1, Despite her privilege she’s a humble little peach wise beyond her years. After walking on stage to present a Grammy she very sweetly shared how she felt ‘so blessed and grateful to be here tonight with you all’ before offering a little quote. ‘A legend once said that a star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life.’

2, Either Paris, or her Stylist Sonia Young, must have Olivier Rousteing on speed dial. As landing a glittering catwalk piece from Balmain’s SS17 collection on the biggest night in music (and the BAFTAs) is no mean feat.

We’re so glad they were able to get their hands on this incredible crossed-bodice beaded jumpsuit as it was oh-so perfect for her red carpet debut – it’s flirty whilst maintaining just the right amount of fun. You know you’re onto something good when Vogue celebrates your style choice, noting that ‘its rare for a newbie to get it right on their first try.’

3, She’s just as much of a Beyonce fan girl as us. Admitting to E! that when she was last at the awards in 2010 she had a major fan girl moment, “I was really nervous and I made eye contact with Beyoncé who was like in the first row and I like almost peed myself, I was so excited and then I like couldn’t think of what to say.” Anyone who loves Beyonce that much is good egg in our book.

4, She co-designed her Grammys presenting outfit with none other than Jeremy Scott. This one-off custom tie-dye look showcased her many tattoos (anyone else feeling inspired to get inked after seeing her incredible collection!?) and offset her floral crown so oh-so perfectly. Anyone who plans an outfit around her accessories is alright in our book.

And if you didn’t love her already, she presented the award barefoot. There’s nothing more #relatable that eschewing heels.


5, Oh and if the ball hadn’t already dropped, Paris Jackson is of course the late great MJ’s daughter. Meaning that if she’s inherited even 1/3 of the music legends creative wit and wisdom we’re in for a real treat. Whist Paris isn’t sure if she’ll be following the family path into the music industry as yet she’s already proved she’s got a great eye for style.