So Apparently Your Parents DO Have A Favourite Child

You know when you used to pester your parents about whether you or your brother/sister were their favourite? Well, turns out, it wasn’t such a silly question after all.

Because a new study has confirmed that parents DO have a favourite child, which makes us feel a little shaky and unsettled, TBH.

The research team at Science of Us has confirmed that 70% of dads and 74% of mums give preferential treatment to one child over another, although none of the parents interviewed said that they would ever admit to being so biased (well, we’d hope not too!)

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So, how did they work this out? Well, the study took 384 pairs of siblings and asked them how they felt about their parents, and whether or not they ever felt like their brothers or sisters were treated differently.

The study then asked their parents the same questions, and the results were pretty startling.

According to those asked, younger siblings felt like the firstborns got way more positive attention than them, and also added that their parents were stricter with them because they were younger.

So basically, whilst it won’t always be the case, the study found that older siblings are generally lavished in love, whilst younger siblings can end up feeling a little neglected. Hmm.


A separate study back from 2009 also confirmed the same thing – professors David Lawson and Ruth Mace conducted a study of 14,000 families in Bristol, which found that the younger children received ‘markedly’ less care and attention than eldest siblings.

Even more shocking, the older children were up to 3cm taller and even had higher IQs, apparently due to being better fed. Crazy, huh?!

If you’re not the firsborn, it looks like you’re well within your rights to show this to your ‘rents and demand some special treatment, stat.