New York City Is Getting Its Very Own Coachella

The masterminds behind the world’s most Instagram-friendly festival, Coachella, have announced that the east coast of America will be getting its very own version of the fabulous fest. And in even better news, there won’t be a flower crown in sight.

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While the Los Angeles-based festival is perhaps one of summer’s chicest events with fashion’s finest always on the guest list, there are still elements of the weekend we would all rather forget, but there’s no need to worry about that as this festival is being used to rectify everything we all hate about Coachella (well festivals in general).

Yes, really. A petition has been signed to ban the following items from the festival:

Fringe boots, shredded jorts, junderwear, denim thongs, selfie sticks, Native American headdress unless you have a tribal affiliation, crochet bikini tops, rainbow gummy bracelets, headborns worn across the forehead, fashion bindis, flesh tattoos unless you are Beyonce, flesh tattooes even if you are Beyonce, tie dye. And most importantly, flower crowns.

Alexa Chung at Coachella 2015. Alexa Chung at Coachella 2015.

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The new-and-improved Coachella will take place in New York City from July 22nd-24th. Mark Shulman of Goldenvoice, the company behind both festivals announced:

“We look forward to bringing Panorama to New York City and introducing a new festival that showcases today’s top music acts. We’re committed to creating an event that will provide significant benefits to New York City with the level of experience and meticulous attention to detail for which Goldenvoice is known.”

And with the idea of “festival fashion” effectively banned from the event, we are pretty confident it will be amazing and seriously celeb-filled. Bring on summer!