Forget Vegan, Go Pegan! Why It’s The Hottest New Hollywood Diet Trend

Last year was all about Paleo, Beyonce and J.Lo have been praising their eat-clean Vegan diets – but get ready for the next generation of healthy eating, because the buzzword among Hollywood’s hottest celebrity nutritionists is ‘Pegan’.

Pegan [Paleo-Vegan] combines the two popular eating plans for a balanced diet where neither veggies, carbs or meat is banned – er, this sounds like our kind of eating.

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 “The foundational principles of both [Vegan and Paleo] diets – real, whole, fresh food in its natural state, free of processed ingredients, refined carbohydrates and additives – are all the same,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, the man who coined the word ‘Peganism’ first.

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The basic principles mean following the Paleo plan’s rules of low carbs, plenty of protein and whole grains while incorporating the Vegan rules of avoiding gluten, sugar and dairy – which Dr. Hyman believes is the ‘best of both’. The Pegan regimes also focuses on eating the right fats, like avocados and seeds, that your body can actually make use of.

“Both Vegan and Paleo can be very restrictive.” says Dr. Hyman, “this diet is easier and has more health benefits that lets you enjoy a wide range of food.


The Pegan Diet Rules

75/25 “[Vegetables] should be 75 percent of your diet and your plate. Eat meat or animal products as a condiment, not a main course.” Says Dr. Hyman.

Eat The Right Fats Focus instead on omega-3 fats including nuts, coconut and avocados.

Add Seeds “They are full of protein, minerals, and good fats and they lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.”

Avoid Dairy Both Paleo and Vegan diets shun dairy. “ Some can tolerate it, [but] for most it contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease,” says Dr Hyman.

Go Gluten-Free “Eat gluten-free whole grains [like brown rice and quinoa] sparingly [as]they still raise blood sugar,” reveals Dr Mark, plus he recommends ½ a cup of beans per day max; “Lentils are best.”


A Pegan Diet Day

> A delicious Pegan diet muesli breakfast

BREAKFAST: A protein smoothie with nuts, seeds, berries, coconut butter, almond butter and unsweetened almond milk.


LUNCH: A big salad with avocado, pumpkin seeds, canned wild salmon, or sardines.


DINNER: Fish, lamb or chicken, two or three sides of vegetables, including dark, leafy greens, winter squash, and roasted mushrooms.


SNACKS: A handful of nuts or a piece of fruit.

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