Outnumbered’s Ramona Marquez Defends Her Behaviour At Reading Festival

15-year-old Outnumbered actress Ramona angrily hits back after fans seemed to suggest she had been dabbling with illegal substances during her time at Reading Festival...

If you’re a fan of Outnumbered, you’ll know that these days, the cast look very different.

Yep, those cute little Outnumbered kids are all grown up now, and none more so than the gorge Ramona Marquez, aka. Karen.

The 15-year-old beauty is now a fully fledged teenager (and a pretty striking one at that) – but she learnt over the weekend the negative side of fame when she started being trolled on Twitter.

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Ive lost my phone ?? sorry for the inactiveness I miss Instagram and love you lots ??????

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Ramona hit up Reading Festival with her pals, posting plenty of snaps of her working cute festival-ready crochet crop tops and glittery make-up. So far, so standard teenage behaviour.

But then, Ramona posted a video of the crowd, in which she revealed that she’d been receiving some ‘horrible’ comments online.

Alongside a video clip of the crowd, Ramona said: ‘Sorry I’m a retard I really enjoyed Reading and meeting lots of fans and cool people it was so lit’.


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‘It is pretty upsetting though now seeing people posting about me and saying that I’m doing drugs and really horrible things like that??’ she continued.

‘I just don’t understand why people feel the need to being a**holes, it’s such a p**s take.’

Ramona added: ‘But apart from that everyone was so lovely do tag me in your photos. (sic)’.

Her video rant came after a few Twitter users commented about spying Ramona at the British festival acting as if she was ‘off her face’.

So far, her rep has yet to comment.

The teen was also spotted at Boomtown festival earlier this month, with tonnes of fans taking to Twitter to express their excitement at seeing little Karen all grown up.

Ramona and her fellow Outnumbered co-stars also hit the headlines recently when a tweet surfaced comparing their 2016 looks to when they starred in the show went a little bit viral.

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We mean, we can see why. Definitely not littluns anymore, are they?!