Our Top Tips For Tinder Dates

Tinder dates can be the most exciting, and yet most nerve-racking moments. Luckily, we’ve got some advice from relationship expert Hayley Quinn, to make sure your first Tinder date is disaster free.

Make Communication Clear

“Think less about impressing them, more about communicating who you are. The right guy will love you for your Selena Gomez obsession, promise,” says dating expert, Hayley Quinn.

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It’s Not An Interview

“Don’ts ask too many questions,” says Hayley, “this turns your date into a formal interview, instead get used to sharing stories about yourself.” – we say, practice with a mate!

> “Say cheese!”


Ready, Steady, Flirt

“Fliritng allows you to validate a person,” says Hayley. “It allows you to assess his sense of humour and personality and will give him an incentive to pursue you.”

Make It A Quickie

“Keep your first Tinder date short – a quick coffee or drink after work is a lot less disappointing than dinner if it doesn’t work out,” says Hayley Quinn.

Keep Something To Yourself

“Just because you met on Tinder never be afraid to say, ‘woah, you’re not allowed to ask me that yet’ – remember you’re in the driving seat and can choose what you talk about.”


> Et Voila! The perfect Tinder Date


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