Why ‘Our Queen At 90’ Was The Talk Of Twitter

Our Queen At 90, a landmark documentary that showed a rare and heartwarming glimpse into the life of our longest-serving monarch, aired on Easter Sunday. Viewers across the nation tuned in to the ITV show to celebrate the Royal Family.

Featuring interviews with those nearest and dearest to her – which included Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge – the cameras went behind-the-scenes, from public events to relaxing at home, showing us candid moments from Queen Elizabeth II’s life.

And social media viewers were quick to pick up on some of the more unexpected aspects spotted in the background… 



One of the talking points? Well, the audience pointed out a cushion in Her Majesty’s living room which had the slogan: ‘It’s good to be Queen’.


Fans were also in love with the fact that the Queen’s famous corgis appear to drink bottled water. 



Tweets included: ‘Love that the corgis have bottled water’ and ‘I wonder if they refill them?’

Another happy viewer wrote, ‘The Queen has the best cushion #itsgoodtobequeen…’, whilst another tweet read, ‘Only our Queen would have a cushion with the slogan “It’s Good To Be Queen” excellent!’ [sic]. 

The documentary celebrates the Queen’s milestone birthday, which falls on April 21st, and was naturally a BIG hit with viewers.