Why Fans Are Gutted About *This* Wedding Comment In Our Girl

Captain James hinted that he's already married to Lacey Turner's Molly Dawes...

Let’s be honest, we’re all pretty gutted that the second series of Our Girl is almost over.

Yup. It’s been four weeks already and Michelle Keegan’s character Georgie Lane is about to marry her fiancé Jamie, in what’s set to be an epic finale (we have a feeling it’s not going to go smoothly…).

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Michelle Keegan's character is engaged to Jamie in Our Girl

Michelle Keegan’s character is engaged to Jamie in Our Girl

Despite Michelle putting in another flawless performance in last night’s episode, there’s one thing that’s got viewers a little riled up – and it’s not the fact terrorist Abu managed to slip through the net AGAIN.

Let’s flash back to before Georgie, Jamie and her ex Elvis hit our screens with their tear-jerking love story, when EastEnders actress Lacey Turner was starring in the first series as young recruit Molly Dawes, completing her own mission in Afghanistan.

When the series ended we saw Molly finally get together with the handsome Captain James, played by Ben Aldridge, and we were left wondering whether she ever got her happy ending.

Michelle Keegan is replacing Lacey Turner in Our Girl. Picture: BBC

Lacey Turner starred in the original series of Our Girl

But during last night’s episode, viewers were hit with a massive bombshell about the pair.

We saw Jamie travel to London to meet up with Captain James to talk about his concerns about Georgie’s PTSD.

As they chatted over a coffee, the Captain casually said: ‘My wife’s a serving soldier.’ Hold up… what?!

Now, either the Captain has moved on with another soldier (in which case we might cry) or him and Molly are now married.

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers were quick to pick up on this subtle line.

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One fan asked on Twitter: ‘Why is no one freaking out about the fact that Molly and Capt James got married?!? #OurGirl.’

Another wrote: ‘In #OurGirl tonight when #captainjames @benaldridge07 says “my wife’s a serving soldier” when he talks about Molly it makes me so happy.’

We’re totally with you there.

But the revelation also left some viewers a little annoyed that they’d been deprived of an Our Girl wedding, with a few suggesting writer Tony Grounds should create another episode.

One message read: ‘Captain James my wife?? Did he marry Molly and we’ve been cheated out of a wedding.’

Another suggested: ‘@benaldridge07 @LaceyTurnerWIFE??? I need Molly and Captain James wedding details! @TonyGrounds I think we need a spin off 😉 x’

Now that would be AH-mazing.

Whatever happens here, we’re all ridiculously excited to see whether Georgie will go through with her own wedding next week – or whether Abu or Elvis will put a stop to the big day…

By Naomi Bartram