The Two X Factor Contestants Causing *Major* Controversy

Ottavio and Bradley certainly got a reaction on social media after their OTT hysterics over #chickengate on Saturday night's show...

It seems like the nations favourite talent show is causing controversy already, and it’s only the second week…

We’re used to bucket loads of tears and tantrums from The X Factor, but many fans were far from impressed on Saturday night as they branded one of the more memorable auditions, ‘fake’ and ‘pathetic’.

The unusual story started when 24 year-old fashion PR student, Ottavio, entered the audition room in some seriously eye-catching leggings. He went on to performed a rendition of Pharell’s ‘Get Happy’ to an unimpressed panel, before revealing that he originally planned to audition as part of a duo.

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The X Factor duo caused controversy after #chickengate

The colourful contestant then broke down in tears as he explained to a confused looking Simon Cowell that him and his bandmate recently fell out over the serious issue of – some undercooked chicken, so he was forced to audition alone.

If this wasn’t dramatic enough, former bandmate and equally glittery contestant, Bradley, was conveniently sat in the waiting room inline for his own solo audition. After, what felt like a lifetime of tears and hugging, the pair eventually made up on screen and later returned to face the panel as a duo.

Despite Simon telling the pair they were even worse performing together, the boys got three yes’ from the other judges and sailed through to the next round of bootcamp. But not everyone was so convinced by the emotional fallout and many fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their anger with what was dubbed as #chickengate.

Even Lord Sugar had enough of all the chicken talk and told his 5.2 million followers exactly what he thought of the audition: “This @TheXFactor is pathetic. Talking to 2 guys who fell out over undercooked chicken . Why are ITV making fools of the public” which was then retweeted almost 700 times.

But this isn’t the first time the pair have been seen on our screens as Ottavio was a contestant on the X Factor alongside Xtra Factor presenter Rylan Clark-Neal back in 2012, where he also made it to bootcamp.

The larger than life duo have also both appeared on Channel 4’s Coach Trip, and oddly enough, Judge Rinder. But it’s Bradley who’s boasts the most extensive reality TV past of the two, as he took part in Vicky Pattinson’s dating show, Strip Date, where he caused drama with an on-screen tantrum. And also appeared on another Channel 4 television show, How To Pull, where he tried to teach the nation the art of picking up dates.

Despite the Twitter backlash, the spectacular chicken feud certainly got people talking – we’re hoping for even more poultry-based drama to come from this unpredictable double-act….