Oscars 2017: Ryan Gosling’s Frilly Shirt Divides Opinion

What did you think of the star's sartorial choice?

When you’ve been invited to the biggest awards show on the entire calendar, choosing what to wear must be a bit of a dilemma. Do you go traditional and stick to the red carpet rules or think totally outside the box? If you’re Ryan Gosling attending the Oscars, you take the box and jump all over it.

Ryan Gosling opted for a retro shirt with ruffles


La La Land star Ryan decided to skip the usual shirt ‘n’ suit combo in favour of a *very* interesting look.

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Yes, the black suit jacket and trousers were standard. As were the super shiny black shoes and velvet bow tie. But the shirt? Well…

Gosling swapped a plain white shirt for a vintage-style frilled number. The black and white ruffled top made people immediately take notice (as if they wouldn’t anyway. It is Golsing after all), with fans taking to Twitter to voice their opinions on his choice.

Tbf, we still would

Tweets like, “I love Ryan Gosling, but he looks like my dad on his wedding day in this shirt,” andĀ Fun fact Ryan Gosling’s shirt is made from a pair of ruffled underwear I wore as a child,” it’s fair to say Ry’s ruffles were divisive.

What did you think? Was he La La to choose such a throwback vibe for this year’s Oscars?