Oscars 2017: Everything You Missed Including *This* Shocking Moment!

It was a night of LOLs, politics and epic hiccups...

If you weren’t one of the few hardcore fans who stayed up through the night to watch this year’s Oscars ceremony then this article is for you.

Politics played a huge role in this year’s Oscars

The 89th Academy Awards took place at the famous Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on 26th February and we watched the whole thing *live* so that you don’t miss a thing.

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Aside from constant political references, the 2017 awards were surprisingly problem-free. Well, they were until the final award of the night…

Pretend you stayed up and have managed to look fresh as a daisy with our Oscars 2017 cheat sheet. You’re welcome (please send coffee).

Meryl Streep gets a standing ovation. Jimmy Kimmel referenced Trump’s “overrated” insult.

Justin Timberlake kicked things off with a performance of his hit Trolls song Can’t Stop The Feeling.

Snacks and sweets fell from the sky, literally! Yes, to stave off any hunger pangs, Jimmy Kimmel showered the famous audience with delicious candy.

Jimmy Kimmel lifted adorable Lion star Sunny Pawar in the air to recreate the iconic Lion King scene.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal injected even more political passion into proceedings, announcing he was against any kind of wall that separated people, causing members of the audiences to stand up and applaud him.

Political pins were THE accessory to sport whether it was the blue ACLU ribbon or the gold Planned Parenthood badge (Emma Stone).

The Best Picture award was mistakenly handed over to La La Land!

When a group of tourists were brought in to tour the show (seriously) one lucky lady ended up bagging Jennifer Aniston’s sunglasses thanks to cheeky Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel live tweeted Donald Trump halfway through the show to check that the president was okay. Kimmel was worried because Trump hadn’t yet tweeted anything rude so the comedian asked if he was up and also tweet, “#MerylSaysHi.” Actual lol.

La La Land’s Damien Chazelle, 32, won the award for Best Director making him the youngest man to ever have won it!


Funny outfit comparisons were made all over Twitter! Dakota Johnson’s hair was likened to that of Lord Of The Rings king Elf Lord Elrond’s. Ryan Gosling’s frilly Gucci shirt was just like Ron Weasley’s in Harry Potter and Emma Stone’s beautiful fringed dress sort of looked like a gold lampshade.

In a shock error, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway accidentally announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner. The true winner was Moonlight!