Oscars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence Flirts With Jack Nicholson!

Jennifer Lawrence might have a shiny gold Best Actress Oscar in her hand, but that doesn’t mean she’s too famous to get completely starstruck by other A-listers – particularly when they’re trying to flirt with her.

Today, everyone’s talking about the moment when the legendary Jack Nicholson approached Jennifer backstage at Sunday night’s Oscars and the pair started flirting in front of the cameras. 

J-Law was being interviewed by Good Morning America when Jack came over to congratulate on her win.

Telling her she did a “beautiful job” on Silver Linings Playbook, he says: “Enjoy the night. I loved you in the movie. It was great. You look like an old girlfriend of mine.”

After joking that he’s being rude for interrupting her interview, Jen replies: “Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?”

Jack quips: “I thought about it.”

OMG. Could 22-year-old Jen and Jack, 75, be Hollywood’s hottest new couple?

The actress has a delayed reaction to the meeting, acting cool as a cucumber until Jack leans in behind her and whispers “I’ll be waiting”, at which point she realises the hilarity of the encounter and falls to pieces, just like the rest of us would. 

You can see it here. It’s made us love her even more… RM