The Internet Reacts To *Those* Leaked Pics Of Naked Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is naked, and people are loosing their minds. Probably a teeny tiny bit NSFW...

You know when you think you really want something, but in reality it’s actually a bit scary and you’d probably much prefer a quiet lie down or something?

Well- if you *don’t* already know this feeling, you’re definitely about to experience it first. And, weirdly, though the medium of Orlando Bloom’s naked pictures.

In theory? Absolutely amazing. In practice? Erm, an awkward Orlando NAKED on a paddle board in full view of a public beach- all seemingly unbeknownst to poor girlfriend Katy Perry.

Orlando Bloom naked

During his recent holiday in Italy, Orlando had decided he didn’t quite fancy wearing any type if clothing during his (day-time, may we add) dip in the sea- and now pictures of him, and his very naked bod, are blowing up the internet.

And the revelation of Orlando’s ‘birthday suit’ under such weird circumstances has certainly received a bit of a mixed reaction…

Some were very pleased with his interest in au naturale water sports.


Others were a little more taken aback, however….

It wasn’t all a barrel of online laughs, however, as some have an interesting point to make about Orlando’s naked water-sports posing a question about double standards…

Oh, and someone just wanted to congratulate Orlando’s bravery…

Oh, and here’s how the LOOK team reacted when we first clad eyes on those pics:

“Looks like someone’s after Tom Hiddleston’s Rear of the Year title!” (Sarah, Junior Stylist)

“Why is he wearing a hat but no shorts? Did Katy know? What did his friends on the beach think? Is it a shower or a grower?” (Olivia, Contributing Editor)

“DID HE SUNCREAM HIS PENIS?!” (Megan, Art Intern)

“He so knows the paparazzi are there!” (Angie, Art Editor)

“Surely naked paddleboarding is a thing you both do. Either Katy’s naked and he’s naked or neither of them are. Why is Orlando just going solo?!” (Giselle, Features Editor)

Paddleboard -gate (yep, we’re really calling it that) happened during Orlando’s Italian holiday with girlfriend Katy Perry.


The couple, who have been together for eight months now since originally hooking up back in January, certainly appear to be going strong- despite multiple ‘on the rocks’ rumours. A source recently shared with People that the couple are keeping things ‘low-key’.

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It’s not just her relationship which has been kept low-key lately (until Paddleboard-gate that is) however, as Katy has been notably silent during all that Taylor Swift drama…

Despite Taylor and Katy having a very peppered past, due to a huge rift over ‘stolen backing dancers’ in 2014 which eventually led to Taylor penning Bad Blood, Katy is still yet to comment on Kimye’s video leak of *that* phone-call.

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To be fair, she’s probably too busy paddle-boarding with her naked boyfriend. And who are we to judge?!

Alice Perry