Orange Is The New Black’s Taylor Tells All

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix tomorrow (June 12th), which therefore means we have our whole summer of viewing sorted. Hurrah! For those of you who are yet to see to see the show (where have you been for the last two years, prison?), it’s about Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a high flying PR executive who get sentenced to time in a women’s prison, because of her association with a drug runner 10 years before. Oh and that certain drug runner happens to be her ex girlfriend. Who is also in prison with her… Throw in a bunch of the most eclectic and fascinating female characters we’ve had in a long time and you’ve got TV genius.

We chat to Taylor about all things Orange Is The New Black…

> A scene from Orange Is The New Black


Hi Taylor! What is it like having to wear the orange jumpsuit?

Oh, I love it. People are negative about it like: ‘You were in an orange jumpsuit for seven months!’ But I love that. I think it’s great. It’s fun to go to extremes as an actor, it’s as interesting to me as wearing a beautiful period piece costume.  

> Taylor Schilling at The Golden Globes


Do you think you could handle prison?
I think I would probably be eaten alive.


> The cast of Orange Is The New Black


You have to do some very graphic sex scenes, how difficult is that?

This show was worth the risk. I believe in this OITNB and I believe in the story we’re telling, and I felt like the nude scenes were worth it. The story can hold it. The story can hold that much danger and that much boundary pushing.


> Orange Is The New Black star Taylor Schilling


But it must be tough…

Yes. It’s really scary, I’ve never done anything like that. So, I really had to believe in it to be able to do it. I believe in Jenji [Kohan, OITNB writer], and I really believe in the story. And it’s not all sexualized nudity. That’s the thing that I think is pretty cool. A lot of it is really scary, and really raw. It’s interesting; there are boobs in all sorts of circumstances.



What has most surprised you about prison that you didn’t know before you started filming this show?

There were things that I had never thought about, in my life. Like I never thought about how loud prison was. I’ve never thought about how your ears never really get a break from all this noise. That was actually replicated on our set pretty well. Also, the lights never really go out, so you never get any rest.



What’s the toughest thing about playing Piper?
Piper is constantly getting hit with something different and evolving, as the seasons go on. She’s circling deeper and deeper and deeper into herself, and needing to draw from places that she previously had shut off, more and more. So it was just exciting, all the way through.

Can you give us any spoilers for season three?

I don’t feel it’s ever the time to start talking about things like that. I love the idea that some people are only just starting to get to know the world we have created. Some people haven’t even started season one, so I think it’s hands off.


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