An Open Letter To Our Younger Teenage Selves

Do you ever wonder what advice you would give to yourself if you could hop back in time and visit your teenage self?

Our teenage years are all filled with self-doubt, confusion and all of the secondary school and boy drama.

Would you ever really want to relive it?

1. Killer heels are NO. 


Always pack flats in your night out bag. Your feet will thank you.

2. Drinking a whole bottle of any spirit will result in you being carted home and put to bed.


And the morning after will be even worse. You might want to skip over this life lesson. *shudders*

3. Everything, and we mean everything, costs money.


So just remember that next time you run yourself an overflowing lobster-hot bath and leave all the lights in the house on.

4. Savour hitting the shopping centre with your girls and buying clothes every weekend (sigh)


Your 30-year-old self won’t be able to do that anymore. Sob.

5. Don’t waste all of that time day dreaming about the Biebs. 


He will grow up to have bleach blonde ’90s throwback hair and you won’t fancy him anymore. 

6. Don’t get skunk-style highlights


They WILL go out of fashion in less than a year. And the evidence will forever be immortalised on the world wide web. 

7. Your parents may be really really annoying right now…


But it’s all because they care. You’ll see.

8. That guy that your parents don’t approve of… you’re about to see why.


Whilst we’re on the subject, any guy that doesn’t want to be around you simply isn’t worth any of your time. 

7. …In fact, any person in general that doesn’t want to be around you simply isn’t worth your time


8. Friendships?

Quality over quantity every single time. The good ones stick around. 

9. Don’t try and fit in or wish you were like other people 


There’s only one you. And once you realise how awesome she is, you’ll feel a lot better.