The One Thing You Probably Missed About The Only Way Is Essexmas

Chrismukkah, anyone?

Okay. We’re not ashamed to admit it. Watching The Only Way Is Essexmas gives us the same warm and fuzzy feels that we get when we dust off one of our trusty Christmas DVDs.

You know that the festive season is in full swing when the Essex lot cover themselves in copious amounts of glitter and tinsel for their final drama-fuelled party of the year. And this year’s offering certainly didn’t disappoint.

The Princess & The…. accountant ­čśé

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Yup. With the theme of Snow Place Like Essex (love it), Megan McKenna – with very little help from her man Pete Wicks, apparently – pulled out all of the stops for a Christmas bash that the ITVBe crew would be proud of. We even got a special rendition of Mariah’s festive classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You, courtesy of Meg’s incredible pipes.

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But there was one part of the final episode that drew some nostalgic attention. Chrismukkah, anyone?

One of the TOWIE girls decided to hold an evening of festivities of her very own, combining the Christmas holiday with a sprinkle of her own Jewish roots.

Announcing her plans for a Chrismukkah party, she announced that she would be playing host for the evening, combining the very best that Christmas and Hannukah have to offer.

But wait. Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?


Our inner noughties fan-girls were screaming internally, remembering that yes, in fact, this wonderful holiday takes us right back to the days when we were swooning over Seth Cohen and the world of Orange County.

Twitter didn’t miss the link either, with reactions including: