The Awkward Moment You Missed From The TOWIE Finale

The Only Way Is Essex season finale was jam-packed with a suitable amount of drama. 

On the couples front, we saw the emotional break-up of Chloe Lewis and Jake Hall. But James Lock and Danielle Armstrong finally gave into love and reunited with a passionate snog, restoring our faith in happy endings. 


Hearts were broken as Pete Wicks was taken off of the singles market (although, we have to admit, ‘the talk’ between him and Megan was totally adorable). 

But there was something about the TOWIE finale that really got people talking on social media. 

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The final showdown went down at Debbie’s birthday bash, which celebrated her younger years as a punk. 

We can’t knock them. The cast wasted no time in getting stuck into the ’70s-born era, mixing theme-appropriate tartan, leather and studs with A LOT of hairspray.

They all looked pretty fierce, no?

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But when Debbie raised a glass to one of punk’s most famous names, Sex Pistols‘ Sid Vicious, daughter Lydia and her friends didn’t know who she was talking about. Awks. 

Twitter erupted, with comments including: ‘Just massively facepalm’d when everyone on Towie said “Who’s Sid Vicious?”‘ and ‘OH MY GOD NO ONE KNOWS WHO SID VICIOUS AND THIS IS KILLIN ME’ [sic].

Another wrote, ‘I knew who Sid Vicious was lol #TOWIE’. 

Oh dear.

We’ll let them off, though. And we’ll quickly be adding some punk-inspired pieces to our own wardrobes…