One Direction's Zayn Malik had no questions to answer!

One Direction’s Zayn Malik: Shortest Interview EVER!

One Direction‘s Zayn Malik was going through a round of press interviews over the phone, when he ended up doing the shortest interview ever!

A DJ from US radio station Hot 89.9 was due to interview the star, when Zayn‘s American publicist ran through an EXTENSIVE list of things that they weren’t allowed to ask.

They included questions about pre-show rituals, describing the other members of the band with one word, who his celebrity crush is, who came up with the band name… and LOTS more.

After saying “Hi” to Zayn, the DJ is heard leafing through his notes and pretending that they’d basically listed all his questions, before saying:

“Okay, well that’s about going to do it. Thank you for taking the time for us today, and I wish you continued success in the future.”

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