One Direction’s Niall Horan ‘Will Be The First To Get Married’

One Direction have just broken a billion girls’ hearts by discussing who will get married first – and the verdict is… Niall Horan!

In an interview with MTV, our favourite boys opened up about who in the band is ready to settle down first, and they joked that Niall is likely to propose to a girl “by mistake”. Harry Styles, who’s is rumoured to be dating model Cara Delevingne, said: “”I think it will be Liam because when he likes someone, he like really likes someone.”

Liam Payne, who’s being linked to Leona Lewis, said: “I reckon Zayn will do it spur of the moment.” Niall meanwhile, added: “Zayn would get married Vegas.” 

But it’s Louis Tomlinson‘s claim that has got us reaching for our wedding hat. The singer, who’s dating Eleanor Calder, said: “I don’t know who I think it would be, but I would love it to be Niall. Imagine we just go away, have a year a part, doing whatever, all doing different things and come back and Niall’s just got married. I can see that happening.”

He added: “You know when Niall says things that he doesn’t really mean and he just comes out with them? Imagine him doing that: ‘Will you marry me? S**te! I didn’t mean to ask her that’.”

Niall is reportedly dating Demi Lovato. We’ll be keeping an eye on her ring finger over the coming months then! RM