1D’s Niall Horan And Rochelle Humes Have A Sleepover

The Saturdays’ Rochelle Humes has been making hubby Marvin a little jealous of the latest man in her life… One Direction‘s Niall Horan.

The 24-year-old singer invited the Irish charmer, who is currently recovering from knee surgery, over to her place to for a bit of tellly bashing last night. And the Twitter banter than soon followed was pretty hilarious…

‘Wait til you see what @RochelleTheSats said, I’m watching big brother with her!so embarassing!’ Niall, who has been seen hanging out at the Humes’ place before, posted about his sofa companion.

An insulted Rochelle replied: ‘oiiiiiiiii! I’m you’re coolest friend! What I was gonna say was “Poor Oli just trying to stay out of the drams (drama)” @NiallOfficial wants to steal my cool new word #cbb.’

The cheeky 19-year-old 1D star then went on to call Roche ‘dangerous’ before asking why they were tweeting from the same sofa. Yep, we were wondering that too…

But one chap who wasn’t as amused by Niall and Rochelle’s coupley bickering was former JLS star Marv, who clearly felt like he was missing out on the at-home fun as he worked the late shift at Capital FM.

‘Can’t believe another man has become my wife’s #CBB buddy’, he tweeted tetchily. Tee hee. 

At least Mr Humes can rest assured that his other half sees the Irish lady-lover more like her son than a potential flirting partner, though.

‘My son’s gone home, off to bed night all…today I’ve discovered I can’t cope with hangovers like I used to #mummyproblems #NTAs,’ she later posted.

Phew. You’re safe for now, Marv!

By Robyn Munson

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