One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Denies Harry Styles Rumours

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has taken to Twitter to deny that he’s dating his bandmate Harry Styles. The star, who’s been dating Eleanor Calder for over a year, became upset after fans on Twitter implied that he’s more than just friends with Harry. People have even taken to calling the pair ‘Larry Stylinson’ on Twitter.

Today, Louis said: “Still months on reading ridiculous conspiracy theories. It’s upsetting that I have to read them daily. Thank god for the lovely people on here.”

Louis then responded personally to a fan who said they didn’t believe his denial, saying: “Hows this, Larry is the biggest load of bulls**t I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that.” (sic)

He later added: “Ohh dear I’ve gone to town today haha. Lots of love to all of you amazing fans !! And now to finish on a good note 🙂 ive clearly flipped on twitter today. I’m sorry to any REAL fan of ours that I’ve offended. All I’ve ever wanted to do from day one is please the people who support us. I love all our true fans so f**king much! That’s a promise ! I assure you all I’m always true to myself ! #embarrassingtweet.” (sic)

He then added: “Wouldn’t mind a good heart to heart with @zaynmalik right now ! Missing you man!”

Aww. Louis has been forced to deny the rumours before, saying: “This is a subject that was funny at first but now is actually hard to deal with, as I am in a relationship. Me and Harry are best friends. People look into our every move – it is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public.”

Bless him. Let’s calm down now, peeps – we don’t want Louis quitting Twitter like Zayn didRM