One Direction’s Harry Styles Shows Off HUGE New Ship Tattoo

One Direction‘s Harry Styles had one thing on his mind as he arrived at LAX with the rest of the band yesterday – getting a new tattoo!

Harry was accompanied by girlfriend Taylor Swift at Shamrock Tattoo Parlour in LA as he had a huge ship inked on his left bicep.

This is the latest in a long line of smaller tattoos for the One Direction star, next to a heart that he had done previously!

He recently had two birds inked on his chest, and he also has (deep breath) a padlock designed by Ed Sheeran, ’99p’, a fish skeleton, the letter ‘A’, ’17 black’, an iced gem, drama masks, a birdcage and ‘SMCL’, among others. Phew!

Who knows what he’ll have done next, but it’s lucky that Taylor seems to like tattoos!

No word on if she got one though… BS

Pics: Twitter / 1DSuperHumans