One Direction’s Harry Styles Gives Union J’s George Dating Tips!

One Direction’s Harry Styles has been passing on his dating tips to Union J’s George Shelley. The pair swapped numbers after bumping into each other on last week’s X Factor, and now Harry’s been texting George the secrets to his success with the ladies.

A source told The Mirror: “Harry sees a lot of himself in George, so wanted to pass on a jokey text revealing his own secret, which is why he told him to never cut his curls as he reckons his hair makes him such a hit with the ladies.

“George was laughing and showed the text to a couple of people, but I’d say there’s no way he’ll be going for any drastic haircuts from now on.”

We’d listen to Harry if we were you, Georgeā€¦ what with Caroline Flack, Cara Delevingne and even Alexa Chung allegedly in his little black book, we’d say he knows what he’s talking about! RM