One Direction’s Harry Styles Gets A Gangster Set Of Grills!

One Direction’s Harry Styles is really getting into the American spirit while his band are touring the States as part of their Take Me Home tour – he’s even given himself a Chris Brown makeover with a hot new pair of grills. Niiiice!

The curly-haired lothario toughened up those pretty baby blues and lady-melting dimples of his by strapping on a trusty trailer-park staple of an American Flag bandana and giving that smoochable mouth a mean makeover with a snazzy set of metal grills. Bit late to the party, Hazza – Beyoncé rocked this look weeks ago!

Tweeted by the 1D’s resident producer/photographer Calvin Aurand, the photo was captioned: “Didn’t get to BBQ tonight but were still grilling.”

The 19-year-old’s latest image overhaul comes after Harry was seen prancing about in the boys’ Best Song Ever video looking unrecognisable after swapping his trademark curls for a sleek ’50s quiff and side-parting.

With endless nights on the tour bus with only beer pong and Mario Kart to entertain, we’re not surprised Harry’s passing the time by trying out a few new looks for the ladies. Lil Wayne will be on the blower in no time…

By Robyn Munson

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