One Direction’s Harry Styles’ Birthday Gift To Taylor Swift Revealed!

One Direction‘s Harry Styles escaped to the Lake District with Taylor Swift this week, where they’ve been spotted in pubs, on walks and celebrating her birthday!

But what did Harry get Taylor for her 23rd birthday? Well, Matt Blakely from Chapelford Village’s Custom Cupcake Company told E! he had to prepare 23 cupcakes:

“A lady called us asking if we could supply some cupcakes.

“I told her we were busting at the seams because of the holidays. She said it was for Harry Styles, and I said, ‘Oh, OK, cool. Send him along.’

“Later, I got a phone call from my wife that Harry Styles was standing on the doorstep. I didn’t think he would come to pick them up.”

23 cupcakes instead of one big birthday cake? We like his thinking…

The Sun reports that Harry also bought Taylor a new handbag and took her for a long pub lunch – he’s a keeper! BS