One Direction & Piers Morgan’s Huge Twitter Row: What Really Happened!

One Direction and Piers Morgan were embroiled in a huge Twitter row last night, over David Beckham’s decision to leave LA Galaxy.

It’s a row that’s left us in fits of giggles as we read their Twitter feed this morning, as, alas, we were tucked up in bed when it all kicked off. If you were too, we’ve got the rundown of exactly what happened…

Piers was having a rant about David Beckham when Louis Tomlinson leapt to his defence, saying: “I LOVE David Beckham!” Piers then replied: “Well sign him up for the group – bet he sings better than he plays now.”

Then it got funny. Piers got 11,000 new followers in just under an hour, and said he was getting abuse from “25 million Directioners”.

Harry Styles then hilariously got Simon Cowell involved, tweeting his former X Factor judge: “Hiiii @SimonCowell can you tell @piersmorgan to leave us alone please? He’s being nasty‚Ķ”

And then #PiersMorganIsSmelly began trending worldwide, all thanks to One Direction boys.

Piers tweeted a link to some embarrassing One Direction pictures from when the boys were little (see here).

The boys found it hilarious, and Liam Payne responded: “No hard feelings stinky.”

Boys will be boys! RM