Is One Direction’s New Single About Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may have broken up almost three years ago, but the dramz isn’t over just yet.

One Direction unveiled their new single Perfect last week – and it’s caused a teeny bit of controversy among Swifties.

According to them, the song sounds rather like T-Swizzle’s Style. The similarities are all in the chorus, with both tracks boasting a matching upbeat tune.

One Direction One Direction’s new single has proved rather controversial


Not only that, but some fans reckon the lyrics of 1D’s latest offering may actually be a response to Taylor’s hit. Ooh.

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One clever Tumblr user has mashed up the two tunes to see just how similar they are.

Emily Sachs (with the help of Reddit) placed Taylor’s vocals over the top of Perfect. And as many expected, the results are quite astonishing.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift’s Style has been mashed up with One Direction’s Perfect


Emily explains: ‘I’d seen a lot of people discussing how the song could be a response to some of the songs from 1989.

‘The line “If you like midnight driving…” immediately made me think of: “Midnight, you come and pick me up…” in Style.

‘I’ve made several mash-ups over the years so I decided to give those two a go. I was shocked by how well they ended up working together.’

Hmmm. Very intriguing.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Taylor Swift is now loved-up with Calvin Harris


It’s been a pretty dramatic weekend for Taylor.

She ended up with a painful-looking injury after an accident with a kitchen knife on Saturday, posting an Instagram photo of her bandaged thumb. OUCH.

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But even through the pain, Taylor managed to come up with a Bad Blood-themed pun. She captioned the snap: ‘Band aids don’t fix kitchen knife-related injuries..’

Taylor Swift OUCH. Taylor Swift’s thumb looked pretty sore



Taylor had written her lucky number 13 on her plaster, which we imagine may have had something to do with the fact that she had a rather important gig coming up.

For her performance in Arlington, Texas, she brought close pal Ellie Goulding onto the stage.

Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding has joined Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour


Er. Hottest duo ever?!